What Will Happen With Tevez Now?

Carlos TevezAlthough most of the footballing world has grown bored of the Carlos Tevez affair, there is still one person who cannot afford to be bored of the endless saga and badly needs to find a quick solution to it. That person is... Carlos Tevez.

With Tevez having lost over 7 million pounds since he decided to throw a bit of a strop on the sub's bench (the details of which we may never find out about), the fact of the matter is that the Argentinean striker is completely out of touch with what it feels like to play top level soccer games, and is surely doing his wage demands no small amount of harm.

Having seen the likes of Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and presumably many more teams, turn down the opportunity to splash cash on a player who doesn't exactly possess the sort of reputation that makes him a tempting addition to the dressing room, Tevez now has to deal with the fact that, unless he goes to Russia or South America, he is not going to be leaving Manchester anytime soon. Even punters who like betting on sports have grown bored with predicting where he will end up. We just want his future to be sorted so we can move on to something else.

If Tevez fails to secure a transfer to Russia or South America, he will somehow have to work alongside officials at Manchester City to find some sort of solution to the problem. With time running out for that solution to be identified, though, most neutral football fans are surely hoping that Mr Tevez ends up regretting his actions for the rest of his career and finds himself stuck training with the City youth team, at least until the end of the season.

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