The Origins of Mahjong

Some believe that MahJong (which means 'Sparrow' and alternate english spelling include mahjongg and majiang) was created by Confucias as early as 500 BC, but others believe it has only been around for a shorter period and that it only came into existence around the 19th century. We will never be exactly sure when MahJong started, but what we do know, is that it is here to stay!

MahJong is usually played by four players, each trying to collect a set of tiles (see WikiPedia's entry on Mahjong for more detail). Various scoring and game plays exist as well as rules.

Mahjong involves skill, strategy, calculation and a pinch of luck thrown in. Depending on which variation is played, the pinch can become a heap or falter away to nothing.

And now Mahjong has gone online. With various variations available. Some online casinos offer it as a side game, and there are even sites that only offer mahjong (and its varations of course) as their main game.

Where To Play Online Mahjong