Three Betting Strategy versus The Cutoff

Three Betting Strategy versus The CutoffAs the action moves into the cut-off, in a game of No-Limit Texas Hold’em, ranges start to get wider, and when you notice a wide range, it is your job to exploit it.

Players who raise often from the cut-off are great players to exploit with three bets from the button. Their range is wide enough that there will be plenty of dead money coming your way.

When you are in the blinds, the dynamic is somewhat different because, although the cut-off still has a wide range, they now have the power of position over you. This means they are much more likely to call versus a three bet from the blinds than they are from the button.

So, if you notice a poker player opening from the cut-off with a wide range of hands, then you should three bet them to death, and only adjust if the player gives you reason to.

Just don’t go crazy, and understand that, even though they have a wide range, it still contains all of the very best hands. They will pick up a hand occasionally, so just be wary of that.

The last things to pay attention to are the blinds. If you have a good player in the blinds, and they notice you three betting light, it is a great spot for them to cold four bet as a bluff.

Therefore, one eye on the cut-off and one eye on the blinds, and you will soon be playing with the best in the Betfair WSOP 2012 Qualifiers.

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