Roulette Betting Systems - Do They Work Online?

You have probably seen roulette players at land casinos standing by a roulette table and placing the same bet over and over again with different chip sizes. You have probably wondered why they do that, and why do they not bother for losing the bets more frequently than they win. Well, these players are most probably using a roulette betting system. What they do is try to go by the system in hope that they will beat the house. But, do these systems work online?

There are many guides to playing at online casinos that show different systems that you can use to bet on roulette or other games as well. These systems rely on mathematical calculations. After all they were devised by mathematicians and game theorists. For example, the Martingale was a set of betting strategies developed in 18th-century France, but was introduced by Paul Levy in 1934, and was further developed by Joseph Leo Doob.

There has been much debate over whether these systems actually work. Some have reported that they work, while others haven’t been able to prove that or have lost patience. The fact is that land casinos have a practice of banning players that use systems, which means they are afraid of these systems. However, the situation with online casinos is a bit different.

To make the most popular roulette betting systems like Martingale, Anti-Martingale, Laboucher, and other work, you need a really big spending limit. Land casinos allow very big bets so it’s much easier to implement these systems when playing there. However, online casinos have much lower betting limits. Some casinos won’t allow you to wager more than $100 per bet, some allow up to $500, while some VIP roulette games have limits up to $5,000.

Roulette Betting Systems

If you intend to play low limit online roulette games you can’t expect to make much. The reason behind this is because the majority of the systems require that you double your bets with each betting. After several bets you will reach the bet limit imposed by the casino, and you are not able to fully complete the system and come out with profit. Or you do make a profit, but very insignificant one.

To be able to have profit on a low-limit roulette game you have to have a little luck too. Although these systems concern mathematics, and mathematics is an exact science, if your luck doesn’t hold out until you hit the limit, you might end up with big loss. This is the biggest barrier in using roulette betting systems online.

As to whether they do work, you will have to try them yourself. Find a roulette game that you want to play and try it first in free mode to test and practice the system. Once you feel confident you know what you are doing you can switch to the real-money mode.

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