Poker Ethics

Poker Etchics - What's that?Poker is not a regulated mind sport in the same way that something like soccer is, for example. FIFA and UEFA do not exist in poker and, as such, the rules and regulations are different in each tournament you enter.

With this in mind, it is important to pay particular attention to the rules of each tournament before they begin. Often, this information can be found on the host’s website, such as on Betfair Poker, or by making direct contact with the Tournament Director.

This is easier than you would think, with World Poker Tour (WPT) Tournament Director (TD), Matt Savage, and World Series of Poker (WSOP) TD, Jack Effel, both regular users of Twitter.

But for most of you, poker existence is all about milling around in the local home games. With this in mind, you are going to have to create your own rules and regulations.

If you rely on poker ethics, then you could be disappointed. Poker is a game where the better players win more money than losing players. Money can make even the most honest of players behave a little erratically, and so a few rules will be very helpful.

When it comes to ethics, one of the biggest nuisances in the game is talking during a hand.

When two or more players are involved in a hand, it is unethical for one of them to be talking to the other. To prevent these sorts of situations, it is easier to just introduce a simple rule of not talking during a hand.

The rule ensures that the dubiety of ethical behaviour is made concrete by installing a simple rule.

Watch how the professionals make (or bend) the rules on the Betfair Poker Summer Slam website.

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