Min-Raising the Turn

Min-Raising The TurnThe turn is the last street where you are likely to see a min-raise used as a bluff. It's true that they can also be used on the river, but, given the high percentage of the time you are going to get a crying call, makes them as rare as a singing Dodo.

In general, you will find that most turn min-raises represent strength, but they can also be used as a bluff by thinking players. If the better players in the game respect your game and realise that you have seen them min-raise the turn for value, then you should expect them to balance their range with some semi-bluffs as well.

Another very advanced play at Betfair poker tables is to min-raise the turn on a strong draw with a view of shoving the river if you should miss your draw. Think about it from the perspective of your opponent – doesn't that line look so strong?

But, in general, you are going to be playing against straight forward thinkers, and so if you are on the receiving end of a min-raise, on the turn, this usually screams strength. There are so many players who feel they have to call because the raise is only a min-raise that it actually makes this very transparent play quite decent against the right type of player.

Another good point to remember when playing against a straight forward player who is min-raising the turn are your implied odds. As you believe they have a strong hand, if you have a draw, then your implied odds are much greater.

You do have to counter this with the obviousness of your draw, which will make a difference when it comes to getting paid, or not, on the river, especially in Betfair speed poker tournaments.

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